Photos from recording sessions up in PHOTOS!
April 17 2015

Check out the Photos tab - I've been adding photos from our recording sessions!
Ya know that TV movie where they rescue a woman who's been underground for a year?
April 17 2015

Ya know that TV/movie scene, where they rescue the woman who's been trapped underground for year…? She can’t open her eyes in the sunshine and her legs wobble when she walks?

Well – that’s kind of me right now. Although I certainly haven’t been trapped – I’ve been happily, willingly, purposely deep, deep, deep in the throes of making my next record. And because for me, performing while recording is like rubbing my tummy and patting my head at the same time – I’ve forgone the tummy-rubbing for the head-patting. All to say – I’m really missing the tummy-rubbing – so – I’m coming out from under my recording rock to celebrate spring with a gig at Toronto’s Home Smith Bar!

Thursday, April 23 7:30 – 10:30
The Home Smith Bar
@The Old Mill, 21 Old Mill Rd.
MAKE A RES! 416-236-2641

Jim Gillard on Drums
Lou Pomanti on Piano
Marc Rogers on Bass
Oh, and if you’re wondering - the album-making process has been stellar! With Marvin Dolgay at the helm, it’s been a love-fest. I’ve attached some photos taken during our sessions.

New album should be coming out end of Sept. with release concerts in Toronto and Montreal for starters.

I miss you all and can’t wait to share my new songs with you!!

BUT FIRST – get yourself to the Home Smith Bar next Thursday!! We might even rub our tummies and pat our heads together.
...With A Little Help From My Friends...
December 8 2014

Got a little help from my friend - the ever lovely and super talented Emilie Claire Barlow lent her silky vocals to one of my songs - now it sounds like there's sunshine all over it!! I wrote it with my husband/drummer/horn-player/MD Jim Gillard and jazz guitar great - Ted Quinlan. It'll be on my upcoming album - in the works now!