Wendy Lands

Voice Actor

Wendy Lands

Voice Actor

About Me... 


I definitely spent way too much time watching TV when I was a kid growing up in Montreal. But the funny thing is, I was actually more captivated by the commercials than by the programming. Even more specifically, it was the voices inside the TV that had me mesmerized!  

When I wasn’t playing with my Barbies, I would spend hours reciting those voiceovers into my little toy tape recorder, while dreaming of being a studio-pro one day. I’d mimic my favorite spots until I got them just right –"Manly yes, but I like it, too", I'd say - with just a hint of an Irish brogue. "Strong enough for a man but made for a woman" – I purr – if you can call it purring when you're eight. 

After years of hard work and perseverance, I finally found my way inside the TV! My very first voice acting job was as the voice of all the Mattel Barbie commercials in Canada! Yep, my two childhood passions aligned in a fairytale-like way. 

Since that very first TV job, I've given umpteen people a craving for a McCafé  coffee, brought a tear to your eye while telling you to connect to the people, places, and things that matter with BELL Canada, led headache sufferers to comfort via Advil, helped you decide that your next car would be a Ford...then a few years later I got you dreaming about owning a BMW.   

I'm also a radio retail gal and have enjoyed voicing ads for department stores like Lord & Taylor and The Bay and supermarket chains like Food Basics and Great Canadian Super Store.  

I've been the promo voice behind Fox's The Best Damn Sports Show Period, ABC Daytime shows like The View and All My Children, YTV, TMN, CMT, and CTV. 
I have my very own broadcast quality studio and have the headphone-hair to prove it. Hence, the hats in so many of my photos!


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My Studio Stats: 

Mic - Groove Tubes GT67

Preamp &  Compressor - Universal Audio 6176

Interface - Steinberg UR22

Wav & Mp3 formats 

Source-Connect Standard















That Voice Actor Blog #1  

That Voice Actor Blog #1 

Firsts are always scary...right?! Welp... here it goes... a first... a blog from me to you about the thing I know best in the world - voice acting, the state of VO, and all things related to it.   

I'm driven by my gut first and foremost and have learned over the years to listen to it very, very closely...no matter how uncomfortable that feels, and not to judge the fact that I'm more of a feeler than a thinker most of the time. I actually think that's my secret sauce, and it's what makes me shine in the booth.    

This blog will be my heartfelt/gut-felt musings - All real, all feel, all things VO.   

I'm Wendy Lands - That Voice - the one who's felt the gifts of abundance, prosperity, and the sheer joy this voice-acting world can bring - as well as the one who's felt overlooked, overexposed, and... well, at times... over it, period. Only to get 'the call' or 'the email' telling me - I 'booked it' - and my belief in and love for this crazy world comes rushing back in all its original glory.   

Ugh...so hard to get away from the outside validation thing and measuring ourselves by the opinions of others. I try to think of it this way:  We're all these sumptuous desserts on a buffet table in a gorgeous upscale restaurant. So, when the chocolate layer cake is chosen over the strawberry parfait - it's not because the strawberry parfait is any less delicious - it's just that the buffet patron was craving chocolate layer cake that particular day. Get it?  

So go on and be the cake, ignore the parfait. Do not add a little strawberry to your chocolate and dilute your flavor, simply because you weren't chosen that day.  Stick to your thing. Be proud. Be you, and be patient. Keep refining and defining what makes you, you.  

Are you craving a dessert now? Yup...me too...  







“Consummate, soulful, and authentic. Wendy is the kind of voice actor you can put your absolute trust in. She will reach deep inside and give everything she has to bring. You could be in no better hands than hers.”

Leslie Ehm

Swagger Coach, Author, Speaker, and Founder & Chief Fire Starter at Combustion Training 


“Wendy has voiced many commercials for me and brings her A-game every time. She’s professional, intuitive, collaborative, and is the kind of person who arrives prepared.” 

Karen Goora

Creative Director Vapour Music 


"I worked with Wendy for over two years while she was the voice of Bell Canada. Apart from having a wonderful voice, she could look at a script and understand almost immediately what was required." 

 Steve Denvir

Senior V.P., Group Creative Director (Retired) BBDO


"Wendy Lands is a consummate professional and someone I trust to deliver a superior and quality product. Aside from being very creative, Wendy is also a warm, supportive, inspiring and fun talent and mentor to work with. I can’t recommend Wendy enough and look forward to working with her again!"

Phyllis Newman 
Senior Content Creator, Producer & Writer