That Voice Actor Blog #1

That Voice Actor Blog #1 

Firsts are always scary...right?! Welp... here it goes... a first... a blog from me to you about the thing I know best in the world - voice acting, the state of VO, and all things related to it.   

I'm driven by my gut first and foremost and have learned over the years to listen to it very, very matter how uncomfortable that feels, and not to judge the fact that I'm more of a feeler than a thinker most of the time. I actually think that's my secret sauce, and it's what makes me shine in the booth.    

This blog will be my heartfelt/gut-felt musings - All real, all feel, all things VO.   

I'm Wendy Lands - That Voice - the one who's felt the gifts of abundance, prosperity, and the sheer joy this voice-acting world can bring - as well as the one who's felt overlooked, overexposed, and... well, at times... over it, period. Only to get 'the call' or 'the email' telling me - I 'booked it' - and my belief in and love for this crazy world comes rushing back in all its original glory. hard to get away from the outside validation thing and measuring ourselves by the opinions of others. I try to think of it this way:  We're all these sumptuous desserts on a buffet table in a gorgeous upscale restaurant. So, when the chocolate layer cake is chosen over the strawberry parfait - it's not because the strawberry parfait is any less delicious - it's just that the buffet patron was craving chocolate layer cake that particular day. Get it?  

So go on and be the cake, ignore the parfait. Do not add a little strawberry to your chocolate and dilute your flavor, simply because you weren't chosen that day.  Stick to your thing. Be proud. Be you, and be patient. Keep refining and defining what makes you, you.  

Are you craving a dessert now? too...  





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