My voice. Your brand.

Wendy*Wonder* Lands

 I've had the pleasure/joy/opportunity to voice so many different brands in so many different ways, I would have to say the one thing you can count on me to bring to every project I voice is...


  I bring  WONDER  to your how...I bring  WONDER to your why...I bring WONDER to your funny...I bring WONDER to your facts...

I bring WONDER  to your copy.

I bring WONDER to your brand!




 I have been trusted to bring the WONDER to everything from Bell Canada, to McDonald's, to Ford to Mattel, to Verizon, to promos for TV networks like CMT, ABC, YTV, TMN, FOX Sports, E! and so much more.

 You can count on me to provide the highest quality production values and voiceover-artistry for every job. I am a details gal and want the best for you.


"I worked with Wendy for over two years while she was the voice of Bell Canada. Apart from having a wonderful voice, she could look at a script and understand almost immediately what was required." ” - Steve Denvir Senior V.P., Group Creative Director (Retired) BBDO

Wendy Lands Voiceover Demos