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i'd love to coach you toward your vo goals, I'd also love to direct & produce your vo demo!

If you're interested in VO classes, one on one or semi-private coaching and/or a new VO demo reel, just pop me an email: wendy@wendylands.com

Fall '18 Talk The Talk VO Starts Soon!

Last Spring's Talk The Talk VO bunch!

Last Spring's Talk The Talk VO bunch!

We always have the best fun at the amazing Big Voice Studios! Info in the poster to the right >

If you'd like to sign up, contact  me: wendy@wendylands.com

Workshop info:

Really more of a "playshop" than a workshop ; )

Take a class! Not just any class, it's a workshop/playshop and it's 6 weeks of laughing and growing as a VO. Send an email to Elyse to hold your spot for our next session starting april 7 2018. Click the link below the photo.

Sign up for Talk The Talk VO this spring!

Sign up for Talk The Talk VO this spring!

Our Saturday morning fall 2017 Talk The Talk class - what a great bunch of peeps!!

Our Saturday morning fall 2017 Talk The Talk  class - what a great bunch of peeps!!

Our Saturday morning fall 2017 Talk The Talk class - what a great bunch of peeps!!

Proud of this gal...

Check out my wonderful student, Jillian Gora's blog (that's her with the big wide open mouth in the photo to the left!) on her new VO website!! Mark my words, you will hear her voice on your TV and radio within a year or less!  Go Jill, go!!


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A Testimonial I'm so very proud to share:

I worked with Wendy for over two years while she was the voice of Bell Canada. Apart from having a wonderful voice, she could look at a script and understand almost immediately what was required. She took direction remarkably well, but after a while, didn’t really need to. She had internalized Bell’s voice/brand so well that she understood it as well as I did. And I was the one writing the damned commercials 🙂 We actually started referring to her as “one-take Wendy”. And when it comes to voice talent, it doesn’t get any better than that. ”

— Steve Denvir Senior V.P., Group Creative Director (Retired) BBDO

My VO Story:

I definitely spent wayyyy too much time watching TV when I was a kid – I was sick a lot and found comfort in the soaps and game shows during those long, feverish days. But what's funny is - I was drawn to the commercials even more than to the programming – specifically, it was the voices I could hear - but couldn't see. I would spend hours reciting those TV & radio voice-overs into my little tape recorder – mimicking them until I got them just right – take, after take. "Manly yes, but I like it, too", I'd say - with just a hint of an Irish brogue. "Strong enough for a man but made for a woman" – I purr – if you can call it purring when you're eight.

I'd sing all the jingles, too - "Just for the taste of it", "My bologna has a first name", "I'm a Pepper, you're a Pepper"... But I had no idea how to become that voice inside the TV, that catchy tune in my radio... Where does one go to sign up? Who do you ask? How is it done?

I did somehow figure out how to start a band, write songs and get them on the radio – and it was then, when I had a song on the radio in heavy rotation, that a very prominent jingle/voice-over producer heard my song. He tracked me down and - boom - I was suddenly and finally in my zone – inside the TV! I think I was more excited to get my first voice-over job, then I was to get my first record deal – I'm THAT in love with advertising as an art form and I'm THAT passionate about my career as a voice actor.

Since that very first job, I've sent parents running to buy their kids the newest toddler toy, given umpteen people a craving for a doughnut, lead cold sufferers to comfort, helped launch new car brands, juice brands, skin-care lines, phone companies and department stores. I've been the promo voice behind Fox's The Best Damn Sports Show Period, ABC Daytime, YTV, TMN and CMT to name a few - and added my vocal texture to radio station IDs across Canada. I've sung to you about tacos, beer, pizza & fabric softener and have had so much fun voicing animated characters that run the gamut - from crazy aunts with British accents- to adorable children with lisps.

And - I LOVE it, all!

For voice-over inquirers, contact my voice agent Donna Trimble:


416-964-8522 x255

My VO Demos:

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